May 2001

#01-22 (05/28/01)

The Sephardim in the Ottoman Empire

Howard Bass, musical director for the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History guides us through a celebration of music of the Jews driven from Spain.


CD Info: CD DIS-80105, CD DIS-80130, CD DOR-93171

#01-21 (05/21/01)

Fazil Say at the Smithsonian

A performance dedicated mostly to Bach by the fine young Turkish pianist Fazil Say.


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#01-20 (05/14/01)

Monteverdi at Utrecht, Part I

As part of an extraordinary series of concerts at the 2000 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht, a variety of ensembles performed the complete "Selve Morale e Spirituale" of Claudio Monteverdi; for the composer's birthday month, we'll hear some of these great sacred settings.

Composer: WILLIAM CORNYSH (?-1523), ROLAND de LASSUS (1532-1594), CRISTOBAL de MORALES (c.1500-1553), JOSQUIN DES PREZ (c.1450-1521), NICOLAS GOMBERT (c.1495-c.1560)

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#01-19 (05/07/01)

Bach in Istanbul III

Featuring a stunning performance of the Cantata 170 with contralto Nathalie Stutzman; and the Orchestral Suite No. 4 with the King's Consort.

Composer: BACH, ARCANGELO CORELLI (1653-1713)

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