September 2002

#02-39 (09/30/02)

Cavalieri’s Lamentations

From the 2001 Utrecht Festival, a rare performance of the Lamentations of Jeremiah set by Emilio de Cavalieri.

Composer: EMILIO de'CAVALIERI (ca. 1550-1602).

CD Info: CD 011.

#02-38 (09/23/02)

Magister X

Once again, the Alamire foundation weighs in with a superb recording (and story book!) of the works of an imaginary Flemish composer as he journeyed to Italy from Bruges, bringing the Northern style as he went.

Composer: THOMAS FABRI (active 1400-1415), ANTOINE BUSNOYS (c. 1430-1492), JOHANNES OCKEGHEM (c. 1410-1497), MATTIO RAMPOLLINI (1497--c.1553), JOSQUIN des PREZ (c. 1450-1521), HEINRICH ISAAC (c. 1450-1517), PHILIPPE BASIRON (15th cen.), HENRY VIII (1491-1547), TYLMAN SUSATO (c.1500-1563), PHILIPPE VERDELOT (1470/80-before 1552), PIERRE de la RUE (c. 1460-1518).

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#02-37 (09/16/02)

Pierre Phalese Dances, Book I

The lighter side of the Flemish Renaissance with works from this Leuven-based collector of dance music (recorded to celebrate the 550th anniversary of the building of the Leuven Town Hall).


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#02-36 (09/09/02)

Josquin Missa “Faisant regretz”

The national broadcast premier of this rare work by the greatest Renaissance composer; the edition exists in a Flemish copy from 1508, and our program is sponsored in part by the Belgian Tourist Office.

Composer: JOSQUIN des PREZ (c. 1455-1521), WALTER FRYE (?-1475)

CD Info: GAU 302.

#02-35 (09/02/02)

Words of the Angel [repeat of #01-52]

The premier recording by the stunning Norwegian all-women ensemble Trio Medieval.


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