January 2003

#03-04 (01/27/03)


Paul Hillier's latest project is a brilliant look at the odd and end bits of music preserved in both the Eastern and Western Medieval world.

Composer: PEROTINUS (c.1165-1220), MANUEL GAZES (1st half 15th c.), PLOUSIADENOS, JOHN PLOUSIADENOS (c. 1429-1500), MATTEO da PERUGIA (d.c.1418), ANTONIO ZACHARA da TERAMO (fl. 1500),

CD Info: HMU 907276.

#03-03 (01/20/03)

Royal Danish Court, 1550

Copenhagen's rich (and interbational) cultural life under the reign of King Christian III is celebrated by the Copenhagen Cornetts and Sackbutts and Bo Holten's Ars Nova ensemble.

Composer: LUDWIG SENFL (1490-1543), MELCHIOR KUGELMANN (d. 1548), DAVID ABELL (d. 1576), JORGEN PRESTEN (d. 1553), HEINRICH FINCK (1445-1527), PAUL KUGELMANN (d. circa 1578),

CD Info: CD # 8.224029,

#03-02 (01/13/03)

Bologna Q15

On the heels of the recording of a lowland manuscript containing English music (heard last fall on our Belgian series), this week we hear The Clerk's Group with an Italian manuscript of featuring music by the great lowlands composer Guillaume Dufay.

Composer: Guillaume Dufay

CD Info: SIGCD023,

#03-01 (01/06/03)

Vision of Tondal

At the 2002 Holland Fstival of Early Music, Katarina Livljanic and her Ensemble Dialogos recreated one of the most popular religious stories of the middle ages. The story of Tondal is of a man whose soul leaves his body, and was passed from Irish sources to a Dalmatian Benedictine monastery.


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