April 2003

#03-17 (04/28/03)

Maestro di Capella: Music of Elzear Genet

The ensemble Suspicious Cheese Lords has recently recorded previously-unheard material from this unfairly obscure composer from Southern France, who worked for popes and (as Josquin before him) King Louis XII.

Composer: Elzéar Genet (c. 1470-1548)

CD Info:

#03-16 (04/21/03)

Pierre de la Rue: Missa de Sancta Cruce

For the holy season of Eastertide, we turn to this premier recording of one of the masses of the great Flemish master Pierre de la Rue, with the Clerks' Group and Edward Wickham.

Composer: Pierre de la Rue

CD Info: CD GAU 307.

#03-15 (04/14/03)

A Millennium Easter

The first Millennium of Music program was Easter 1979, and the program began regular broadcasts Easter 1980 (it's ancestor, Musica Antiqua, began in 1975). We celebrate our birthday quietly, as always, and in the Middle Ages, with groups close to our heart: Schola Hungarica, Anonymous 4, and (of recent fame for the Croatian music), Dialogos.

Composer: CONSTANZO PORTA (?1550--1601),

CD Info: HCD-32014, CD HMU 907312, CD ED 13107.

#03-14 (04/07/03)

Lombardy and the Barbarians

At their final concert at the 2002 Holland Festival of Early Music, the Ensemble Dialogos reinterpreted the earliest chant at the Benedictine home monastery of Monte Cassino--were "barbarians" Lombards, or indeed Byzantine traders who brought their own musical influences? [originally scheduled for March]


CD Info: A319.

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