August 2004

#04-36 (08/30/04)

Philippe de Monte at Utrecht, Part 4 [repeat of #04-18]

Continuing the theme of the influence of this great Franco-Flemish composer from the 2003 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht, this week we hear the Trinity Baroque illustrate de Monte's influence on the English composer William Byrd.

Composer: Philippe de Monte (1521-1603), Johannes Tollius (c.1550-c.1603)

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#04-35 (08/23/04)

Bestario del Cristo [repeat of #04-22]

The ensemble Alia Musica looks at the lively Medieval imagination with 13th century music that uses animals as symbolic of Christ and the church.


CD Info: CD HMU 987033

#04-34 (08/16/04)

Two Worlds of Modal Music [repeat of #04-19]

One of the most remarkable examinations coming out of the Schola Cantorum in Basel is with the brilliant Medieval scholar/performer Dominique Vellard, relating ancient western modes to Indian ragas.

Composer: KEN ZUCKERMAN, HILDEGARD von BINGEN (1098-1179), JEHAN de LECUREL (?mid 13th c.-1304),

CD Info: CD HMC 905261

#04-33 (08/09/04)

Chant from Trondheim [repeat of #03-48]

Soon after the founding of the first Christian center in Norway at Trondheim, the Cathedral became a center for chant services celebrating everything from St. Olav to a vial of the Holy Blood of Christ brought to Trondheim in the 1100s--this week, chant from this cathedral.


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#04-32 (08/02/04)

Missa diversi toni [repeat of #04-04]

The Flemish Hegemony: For years we have argued that composers of the Lowlands defined European music in the Renaissance--this week, a concert from the 2003 Utrecht Festival (co-produced with the Flanders Festival in Antwerp) of late sacred music by De Monte and Lassus, the composers who end the era of what Eric van Nevel calls "The Flemish Hegemony".


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