March 2006

#06-14 (03/27/06)

Music for Sir Anthony

Finally released on CD, the concerts by the Currende Ensemble directed by Erik van Nevel tracing the great artist's journeys from Antwerp to London to Italy to his return home again.

Composer: JACOB REGNART (c.1540-1599), PHILLIPUS DE MONTE (1521-1601), CAROLUS LUYTHON (c.1557-1620), ORLANDO GIBBONS (1583-1625), WILLIAM BYRD (1543-1623), CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI (1567-1643), PETER PHILIPS (c.1560-1628), JOHN BULL (c. 1562-1628), RICHARD DERING (c. 1580-1630), HERMAN HOLLANDERS (fl. 17th cen.)

CD Info:

#06-13 (03/20/06)

Phillippe de Monte

Another great Flemish composer and contemporary of Gombert, the Mechelen-born De Monte wound up bringing the Lowlands sound to Naples, Rome, Spain, Vienna and Prague--the Choir of New College, Oxford, convincingly performs his work.

Composer: Phillipus de Monte (1521-1603)

CD Info: CD 92433

#06-12 (03/13/06)

Paradiso Armonico

From the world-famous Flanders Festival, we go to Bruges as the ensemble More Maiorum directed by Peter Van Heyghen recreates the influence on the new Italian sound on the Lowlands in the first decades of the 17th century

Composer: TARQUINIO MERULA (1594/5-1665), MAURIZIO CAZZATI (1616-1678), DARIO CASTELLO (fl. 1620-30), GASPARO CASATI (c. 1610-1641), PHILIPPUS van WICHEL (1614-1675), FRANCESCO RASI (1574-1621), JAN PIETERSZOON SWEELINCK (1562-1621), JACOB van EYCK (1589/90-1687), NICOLAES a KEMPIS (c.1600-1676), CONSTANTIJN HUYGENS (1596-1687), ALESSANDRO GRANDI (1586-1630), GIOVANNI GIACOMO GASTOLDI (c.1554-1609), MARCO UCCELLINI (c.1603-1680), GIOVANNI BATTISTA BUONAMENTE (??-1642)

CD Info: KTC 4012

#06-11 (03/01/06)

The Antwerp Songbook, 1544, Part 1: A through H

One of the defining musical publications of the high Renaissance, Jan Rollins amazing publication gave us the first printed version of 221 secular songs, a kind of folk song-cum-"fake book" that is an amazing window into late medieval music.

Composer: JACOBUS CLEMENS non PAPA (c.1510-c.1556)

CD Info: CD number GLO 6058

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