May 2006

#06-23 (05/29/06)

Lislevand and Lirico

Two recent ECM discs with Stephen Stubbs’ new ensemble Teatro Lirico and Rolf Lislevand with vocals by Arianna Savall.

Composer: GIOVANNI GIROLAMO KAPSBERGER (c. 1575-1661), GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI (1583-1643), ALESSANDRO PICCININI (1566-1638), GIULIO CACCINI (c.1550-1618), MAURIZIO CAZZATI (c.1620-1677), LUCAS RUIZ de RIBAYAZ (c. 1626--after 1677), CARLO FARINA (c.1600-1640), GIOVANNI BATTISTA GRANATA (c.1620--c.1687), GIOVANNI PAOLO FOSCARINI (fl.1621-1649), JOHANN CASPAR HORN (c. 1630-c.1685)

CD Info: ECM 1922--B0005070-02, ECM 1893--B0005923-02

#06-22 (05/22/06)

Eduardo Paniagua and Musica Antiqua

The famous Spanish early music proponent has his own label now (Pneuma) and many new releases; we'll sample some of them.

Composer: El Sabio (1221-1284)

CD Info: CD # PN-420, CD # PN2-590, CD # PN-280, CD # PN-020, CD # 010, CD # PN-210, CD # PN-670, CD # PN2-610, CD # PN-490, CD # PN-090, CD # PN-470, CD # PN-400

#06-21 (05/15/06)

Peter Philips and Francisco Guerrero

You may know about the Tallis Scholars' latest disc, dedicated to Guerrero's Missa Surge Propera; we'll hear some of that disc, and a rare import of Phillip's work with the Musica Reservata of Barcelona in Guerrero's Missa Dormendo un giorno and rarely-heard motets.

Composer: Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599), PHILIPPE VERDELOT (1485-1552)

CD Info: Gimell CD # CDGIM 040, Espagnola CD # 65186

#06-20 (05/08/06)

Three from Venance Fortunat

The great French Medieval ensemble has five recent discs: "Water & Baptism;" "Cluny: The Virgin;" "Altera Roma; "Daniel;" and "Alleluia"--we'll sample each of them

Composer: ALCUIN (d. 804)

CD Info: CD # ED13060, CD # ED13152, CD # ED13109, CD # ED13150, CD # ED13123

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