January 2007

#07-06 (01/29/06)

Spotlight on the Netherlands: Claudio Monteverdi

The towering genius who presides over the entire transition from the Renaissance to the baroque is treated in this concert as the person who most effectively took us from polyphonic madrigals to the dramatic vocal solo with basso continuo, leading us into the next musical era--the ensemble L'Arpeggiata performs.

Composer: Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643),

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#07-05 (01/22/06)

Spotlight on the Netherlands: Don Carlo Gesualdo (c.1561-1613)

Who isn't fascinated by the murderer prince? The fine Italian ensemble La Venexiana gives us highlights of the madrigal Books Four and Five.

Composer: Don Carlo Gesualdo (c.1561-1613), POMPONIO NENNA (1556-1613), LUZZASCO LUZZASCHI (c.1545-1607), LUCA MARENZIO (1553/4-1599), GIOVANNI de MACQUE (1548/50-1614)

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#07-04 (01/15/06)

Spotlight on the Netherlands: Italianate Austrians

Frequent Festival favorites Concerto Palatino give us two composers influenced by Gabrieli--Johann Stadlmayr (c. 1580-1648) and Giovanni Valentini (1582/3-1649).

Composer: GIOVANNI VALENTINI (1582/3-1649), JOHANN STADLMAYR (c. 1580-1648), ALESSANDRO GRANDI (1586-1630)

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#07-03 (01/08/06)

Spotlight on the Netherlands: Domenico Mazzochi (1592-1665)

On to Rome with musicologist Monique Zanetti's ensemble Le Paladins--born in a little town in the Roman suburbs, Mazzochi soon became a favorite of cardinals and popes.

Composer: Domenico Mazzochi

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#07-02 (01/01/06)

Spotlight on the Netherlands: Il Canto delle Dame

Women composers achieved more fame as composers at this time than any since the Troubadour era. The Concert Soave featuring the brilliant Maria Cristina Kiehr treat us to music by Barbara Strozzi, Caterina Assandra, Isabella Leonarda, Francesca Caccini, and other remarkable women in this concert.

Composer: BARBARA STROZZI (1619-1677), CATERINA ASSANDRA (c.1590-after 1618), FRANCESCO MARIA BASSANI (?--?), CATERINA ASSANDRA (c.1590-after 1618), ASCANIO MAYONE (c.1565-1627), ISABELLA LEONARDA (1620-1704), FRANCESCA CACCINI (1587-after 1641), GIOVANNI FELICE SANCES (c. 1600-1679)

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#07-01 (01/01/06)

Spotlight on the Netherlands: Salomone Rossi

The Dedalus Ensemble guides us through the exquisite work of one of the greatest Jewish composers of the early Baroque.

Composer: Salomone Rossi (1570-c.1630), BALDASSARE DONATO (?1529-1603), MAURIZIO CAZZATI (1616-1678)

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