October 2008

#08-45 (10/27/08)

Philippe Rogier: Missa Ego sum qui sum – Music from the Lowlands

The rarely-heard works of the later Flemish composer Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596), stunningly rediscovered by Philip Cave and his ensemble Magnificat.

Composer: Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596), NICOLAS GOMBERT (c.1495-1560)

CD Info: Linn CD CKD 109

#08-44 (10/20/08)

Jacobus de Kerle: Da Pacem Domine [repeat of #06-43]

Contentious, controversial, and truly pan-European, Ieper's Jacobus de Kerle has been championed by that most dedicated of Lowlands music proponents, Paul van Nevel with his Huelgas Ensemble--the new disc even includes excepts from the de Kerle Requiem.

Composer: Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596), NICOLAS GOMBERT (c.1495-1560)

CD Info: Linn CD CKD 109

#08-43 (10/13/08)

Jean de Castro: Music from the Lowlands

Capilla Flamenca in a performance of Flemish-born Jean de Castro (c. 1540/45-c.1600), a Hapsburg composer sent to Spain (and his compatriots), supported by the University of Leuven.

Composer: Jean de Castro (c.1540/5-c.1600), Alexander Utendal (c.1540 - 07/05/1581), Orlandus Lassus (1530/32-1594),

CD Info: Passacaille CD 937

#08-42 (10/06/08)

Utendal & De Monte: Music from the Lowlands

The recent project from the Ministry of Flemish Culture with the Capilla Flamenca of Flemish Composers Phillippe de Monte (1521-1603) and Alexander Utendal (1530/40-1581).

Composer: Phillipe de Monte (1521-1603), Alexander Utendal (c.1540 - 07/05/1581),

CD Info: Passacaille enhanced CD 937

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