November 2008

#08-49 (11/24/08)

THOMAS PACKE (FL. 1487-1499): An English Lady Mass

An English Lady Mass: This unique work by Packe, the organist of Exeter Cathedral, is preserved in the Ritson Manuscript--the all-woman Swedish vocal ensemble Schola Gothia intersperses chant and this early English polyphonic mass.

Composer: Thomas Packe (fl. 1487-1499), John Dunstable {c. 1395-1453}, Leonel Power {d. 1445}

CD Info: G-49259

#08-48 (11/17/08)

Solemn Mass of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

This premier-recording of a previously-unrecorded mass by Palestrina (Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex) in a complete liturgical setting features The Schola Cantorum of the St. Gregory Society.


CD Info:

#08-47 (11/10/08)

Polyphonic Vespers for St. Michael’s & St. Martin’s

Recorded in the Lady Chapel of the great Archabbey of Pannonhalma, these remarkable mass and Vesper settings performed by the Schola Hungarica are taken from 15th and 16th century manuscripts from what was in the late 1500s the largest Hungarian city not under Ottoman rule, Bratislava.


CD Info: BMC CD 128,

#08-46 (11/03/08)

Philippe de Monte: Missa Ultimi miei sospiri – Music from the Lowlands

The new recording by the Cinquecento ensemble of the Missa Ultimi miei sospiri and motets of Mechelen-born Philippe de Monte.

Composer: Phillipe de Monte (1521-1603), PHILIPPE VERDELOT (1480/85--1550/52)

CD Info: Hyperion CD CDA67658,

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