May 2009

#09-22 (05/25/09)

Suzanne van Soldt

The woman's ensemble Les Witches bring vividly to live the 1599 songbook of this Antwerp girl who fled with her family to Elizabethan England at the time of the Spanish invasion.

Composer: Susanne van Soldt

CD Info: Alpha CD 526

#09-21 (05/18/09)

Cipriano de Rore: Madigals and Secular motets

Born in Ronse of a Francophone father and Flemish mother, Cipiriano (like Giaches de Wert) brought the Flemish musical genius to Italy.

Composer: Cipriano de Rore (1516-1565)

CD Info: Musica Oscura/Columns CD 070991, Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 901739, Musica Oscura/Columns CD 070991

#09-20 (05/11/09)

Giaches de Wert: The Madrigals

Born probably in Weert near Antwerp, Giaches not only went to Italy but was a master in the evolution of the late 16th century madrigal form.

Composer: Giaches de Wert (1535-1596)

CD Info: Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 901621, Accent CD ACC 9291, Virgin Veritas CD VC 7 90763-2

#09-19 (05/04/09)

Flemish Dance and Songbooks — Piffaro

The superb American wind ensemble, with their informed performances of this popular repertoire.

Composer: ANTOINE BRUHIER (fl 1500), ALEXANDER AGRICOLA (c.1446-1506), JACOB OBRECHT (c.1452-1505), JOHANNES STOKEM (1445-after 1501), PIERRE de la RUE (c.1460-1518), JOHANNES GHISELIN (fl. early 1500s), PIERRE ALAMIRE (c.1475-after 1534)

CD Info: Dorian CD 90301, Archiv CD 457 609-2,

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