June 2009

#09-27 (06/29/09)

Vasquez: Sonetos y Villancicos [repeat of #09-05]

Back to secular music with the successor to Encina as the primary composer of popular songs for the nobility, Juan Vasquez (c.1500-c.1560); performances by La Trulla de Bozes directed by Carlos Sandua.


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#09-26 (06/22/09)

Marian Devotion in 16th Century Spain [repeat of #09-04]

The superb English ensemble Stile Antico performs music for the Virgin Mary by Franco-Flemish composers who worked for the Spanish court (Gombert, Clemens non Papa) as well as the great Iberian creators like Victoria.


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#09-25 (06/15/09)

Cancionero de Palacio [repeat of #09-03]

Carles Magraner directs the Capella de Ministrers in popular music from the time of the Catholic monarchs, centering on the songs of Juan del Encina (1468-1529/30).


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#09-24 (06/08/09)

Festive Music by Guerrero [repeat of #09-02]

The Ensemble Doulce Memoire recreates some of the festive music Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599) wrote for high feast at the cathedral of Seville.


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#09-23 (06/01/09)

Music at the end of the First Millennium

Our friends Benjamin Bagby of Sequentia and Katarina Livljanic of Dialogos each have new projects looking at the apocalyptic and strangely haunting music around the year 1000 A.D. We'll hear both "Fragments for the End of Time" and "Abbo Abbas: French Polyphony at the First Millennium" this week.

Composer: WULFSTAN WINTONIENSIS (10th c.), OTFRID von WEI├čENBURG (d. Alsace, 875), FULDA (early 9th c.), Aquitanian, 11th c.,

CD Info: Ambronay CD AMY017, Raum Klang CD RK 2803, Arcana CD A 329

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