September 2009

#09-40 (09/28/09)

Crown & Veil–Music from Medieval Female Monasteries

Sequentia and the young ensemble Ars Choralis of Cologne recreate devotional music from medieval German convents, many for the first time on disc.

Composer: Hildegard von BINGEN (1098-1179), Herrad von HOHENBURG (12th c.), Johannes SCHERL (active 1482), Heinrich von Mei├čen (c.1260-1318),

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#09-39 (09/21/09)

New from Harmonia Mundi

Two new releases by Jordi Savall and a world-premiere recording by another Lowlander who thrived in Italy, Dominique Phinot.

Composer: Dominique Phinot (c.1510-1561), La Barca d'Amore 1563-1685, WILLIAM BYRD

CD Info: Hyperion CD CDA67696, Alia Vox CD AV 9811, Hyperion CD CDA67675

#09-38 (09/14/09)

Three Ancient Traditions

We kick off our 30th full season with three discs that recreate antiquity: the oral tradition of Serbia, the Ethiopian sacred liturgy, and (incredibly) music of Ancient Egypt.


CD Info: Natural Acoustic CD NAR-0010-01, Ocora/Radio France CD C560027/28, CPO CD 999.902-2

#09-37 (09/07/09)

Missa Ultimi miei sospiri [repeat of #08-46]

The new recording by the Cinquecento ensemble of the Missa Ultimi miei sospiri and motets of Mechelen-born Philippe de Monte.


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