May 2010

#10-23 (05/31/10)

Victoria: Lamentations of Jeremiah

Our first program with the Tallis Scholars was nearly 30 years ago, when the ensemble was new. This week, we look at their latest project with director Peter Phillips.

Composer: Juan Tomás Luis de VICTORIA (1548-1611), Juan Gutiêrrez de PADILLA (c.1590-1664)

CD Info: Gimell CDGIM 043.

#10-22 (05/24/10)

Music from the Chirk Castle Part-Books

This disc (again with the Brabant Ensemble) presents a selection of works from the Chirk Castle part-books, a fascinating collection of devotional music from the Tudor period that remained hidden in the castle library for three hundred years. The disc is on Hyperion and is CD number CDA67695.

Composer: WILLIAM MUNDY (c.1529-1591), WILLIAM BYRD (1539/40-1623), ROBERT PARSONS (c.1530-1570), THOMAS TALLIS (c.1505-1585), EDMUND HOOPER (c.1553-1621), ROBERT PARSONS (c.1530-1570), CHRISTOPHER TYE (c.1505-1573), WILLIAM DEANE (1575-c.1638), THOMAS CAUSTUN (c.1522-1569), JOHN SHEPPARD (c.1515-1558), WILLIAM PARSONS (fl.1545-1563)

CD Info: CD number CDA67695.

#10-21 (05/17/10)

Pierre Moulu

We had a great response when Stephen Rice's Brabant Ensemble looked at the rarely-heard and almost unknown Dominique Phinot. This week, we look at their rediscovery of another lost master, Pierre Moulu. Music from the Lowlands

Composer: PIERRE MOULU (1484-c.1550), JOSQUIN DES PREZ (c.1450/55-1521)

CD Info: Hyperion CDA 67761

#10-20 (05/10/10)

Philippe Rogier: Missa Ego sum qui sum

Happily, this Flemish master who flourished in Spain has been getting the attention he deserves from great ensembles--this new effort is the latest from the choir of King's College Cambridge. Music from the Lowlands

Composer: Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596)

CD Info: Hyperion CD # CDA67807

#10-19 (05/03/10)

John Sheppard: Media vita

We turn to the core of our repertoire this month--Renaissance polyphony--beginning with the latest from the much-lauded ensemble Stile Antico.

Composer: John Sheppard (c.1515-1558)

CD Info: Harmonia Mundi CD HMU 807509

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