April 2011

#11-18 (04/25/11)


Our friends at the Orlando Consort have a remarkable new project: When the Portuguese Jesuits first came to Goa in India, what was the musical merging of East and West?

Composer: PEDRO de ESCOBAR (c.1465-c.1535), FRANCISCO GUERRERO (1529-1599),


#11-17 (04/18/11)

The Mass in 40 Parts

Our Easter program looks at the inspiration for Tallis' famous 40 voice motet, a huge work by the Italian composer Alessandro Striggio, in a new recording by I Fagiolini.

Composer: Alessandro Striggio

CD Info: CD 4782734

#11-16 (04/11/11)

Gilles Binchois: L’Argument de Beauté

The brilliant ensemble Discantus directed by Brigitte Lesne celebrates the 15th century Chaplain to the Duke of Burgundy.

Composer: Gilles Binchois (1400-1460)

CD Info:

#11-15 (04/04/11)

The Borgia Dynasty, Part 2: Church and Power in the Renaissance

We continue our look at Jordi Savall's Grammy-award winning disc dedicated to the rise of the Borgia family.

Composer: Johannes Cornago, Cristóbal de Morales, Lluís del Milà, Bartomeu Cárceres, Mateo Flecha, Joan Cabanilles, Gilles Binchois, Guillaume Dufay, Josquin des Prez, Heinrich Isaac, Claude Goudimel

CD Info: AVSA98745

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