August 2011

#11-36 (08/29/11)

Three Woman-Based Ensembles

Encantar, Les Witches, and La Donna Musicale take us on a musical journey from the High Renaissance to the Italian Baroque.

Composer: JOSQUIN des PREZ (1450-1521), PIERRE de la RUE (c.1460-1518), ALEXANDER AGRICOLA (1446-1506), TOBIAS HUME (c.1569-1645), SAMUEL SCHEIDT: (1587-1654), THOMAS SIMPSON (1582-c.1628), MOGN PEDERSØN (1580-1628), JOHANN VIERDANCK: (c.1605-1646), ANNA BON (c.1739-after 1772)

CD Info: Phaedra CD 92069, Alpha CD 163, La CD 10104,

#11-35 (08/22/11)

Three from Ambronay

The remarkable French label gives us three recent recordings looking at women composers in the early Italian Baroque, Venice in 1677, and a reconstruction of Vivaldi's Vespers for St. Mark.

Composer: ISABELLA LEONARDA (1620-1704), FRANCESCA CACCINI (1587-1640), CATERINA ASSANDRA (flourished 1609-1618),GIOVANNI LEGRENZI (1626-1690), ALESSANDRO STRADELLA: (1644-1682), JOHAN ROSENMÜLLER (c.1619-1684)

CD Info: CD AMY028, CD AMY025, CD AMY029

#11-34 (08/15/11)

The Predecessors [repeat of #11-10]

Happily, the ensemble Jacques Moderne reminds us of the great French music at the end of the 16th century with a mass by Claude le Jeune and Du Caurroy's 1590 Requiem.


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#11-33 (08/08/11)

The Campra Requiem [repeat of #11-09]

An ensemble from the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles presents this extraordinary masterpiece.


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#11-32 (08/01/11)

The Secular Scene [repeat of #11-08]

Musica ad Rhenum and baritone Matin Koningsberger in secular works by Campra, Couperin, Gullemain, and Quirinus van Blankenburg (!).


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