October 2011

#11-45 (10/31/11)

Jacobus Clemens non Papa–Missa pro defunctis

With new research, we know much more about Jacobus Clemens "non Papa" ("not the Pope")--and the newest from Stephen Rice and the Brabant Ensemble gives us some of his masterful work.

Composer: Clemens non Papa (c.1510/15-1555/6)

CD Info: Hyperion CDA67848.

#11-44 (10/24/11)

Three from Signum

The Gallicantus Ensemble with music by Robert White and a disc of laments for the death of Prince Henry; and the Tenebrae ensemble with music of Alonso Lobo.

Composer: Robert White, Tomas Luis de Victoria, ALONSO LOBO,

CD Info: Signum CD SIGCD134, Signum CD SIGCD248, Signum CD SIGCD210,

#11-43 (10/17/11)

Three from Avie

We begin with two from Christ Church Cathedral Choir: Music from the Eton Choirbook, and Treasures from Christ Church; then, we hear the latest from Andrew Parrott, Bach's funeral music for Prince Leopold.

Composer: John FAWKYNER (fl late 15th century), William CORNYSH (d. c. 1502), Walter LAMBE (b. 1450–51, d. after Michaelmas 1504), Richard DAVY (c. 1465 - 1535), John BROWNE (fl c. 1480–1505), J. S. BACH (1685 – 1750),

CD Info: Avie CD 2215, Avie CD 2241, Avie CD 2167

#11-42 (10/10/11)

Tomas Luis de Victoria 400th, Part 2

We continue with the 400th Anniversary Victoria set featuring the Ensemble Plus Ultra directed by Michael Noone, with some of the works that include instrumental accompaniment.

Composer: Tomás Luis de Victoria (c. 1548-1611)

CD Info: CD #477-9747

#11-41 (10/03/11)

Tomas Luis de Victoria 400th, Part 1

In honor of the 400th anniversary of the death of Tomas Luis de Victoria, our friends at Archiv have prepared a spectacular 10-CD set dedicated to this incomparable master; this week, the national broadcast debut of this set includes world-premiere recordings

Composer: Tomás Luis de Victoria (c. 1548-1611)

CD Info: CD #477-9747

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