January 2012

#12-06 (01/30/12)

Huelgas Ensemble: Rome in Multiples

Paul van Nevel and his group present some of the lesser-known Roman composers: Animuccia, Anerio, Agazzari, and Michelangelo Rossi.

Composer: GIOVANNI ANIMUCCIA (c.1510-1571), GIOVANNI PIERLUIGI da PALESTRINA (1525-1594), FELICE ANERIO (c.1560-1614), AGOSTINO AGAZZARI (c.1580-1642), GIOVANNI BACILIERI (active 1607-1619), MICHELANGELO ROSSI (1601-1656)

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#12-05 (01/23/12)

Mala Punica and the 14th century

Pedro Memelsdorff's ensemble has made a great specialty of music from this troubled time; this week, the Ars Nova in Rome.

Composer: JOHANNES CICONIA (c.1370-1412), PHILIPPE de VITRY (1291-1361), ANTONIO ZACARA de TERAMO (c.1350-c.1415), MATTHEUS de SANCTO JOHANNE (fl.c.1365-c.1389), FILIPPOTTO da CASERTA (c.1350-c.1435)

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#12-04 (01/16/12)

Motets of DuFay

The Cantica Symphonia ensemble presents works by the Belgian master who served for a while in the Papal Choir.

Composer: GUILLAUME DU FAY (1397-1474)

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#12-03 (01/09/12)

The Sixteen: Palestrina and Allegri

Harry Christophers' superb group celebrates two of the titans of Roman church music.

Composer: GREGORIO ALLEGRI (1582-1651), GIOVANNI PIERLUIGI da PALESTRINA (1525-1594), FELICE ANERIO (1560-1614)

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#12-02 (01/02/12)

L’Arpeggiata: 1610 Marian Vespers

Appropriate for any time of year, this masterpiece by Monteverdi is fitting for the solemnities of the Blessed Virgin that begin the New Year.

Composer: CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI (1567-1643),

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