April 2013

#13-18 (04/29/13)

All in a Garden Green

The sweet season is (finally) upon us, and the ensemble le Tendre Amour gives us this lovely program of the seasons in music of the early 17th century.

Composer: Nicolas Lanier, Purcell, John Playford, Morley, Croft, William Lawes, Byrd, Eccles, Ravenscroft

CD Info: 94313

#13-17 (04/22/13)

The Marian Consort, Part 1

Our friend Donald Grieg put us on to this fine young English ensemble--we'll hear from their premiere and sophomore recordings.

Composer: Juan Navarro (c.1530-1580), Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599), Alonso Lobo (1555-1617), Juan Esquivel (c.1561-1615), Rodrigo Ceballos (1530?-1581), Sebastián de Vivanco (c.1551-1622)

CD Info: Delphian CD DCD34086,

#13-16 (04/15/13)


After this group was featured on a recent program, we have such a positive reaction that this week we look in depth at this remarkable Canadian ensemble.

Composer: Chastelain De Couci (c.1165-1203), Gontier De Soignies (fl.c.1220), Guy Ross, Guiot De Dijon (fl.1215-1235), Peire Vidal (fl. c.1175-c.1210), Lucas Ruis de Ribayaz (c.1626–c.1667), Santiago de Murcia (c.1682–c.1740),

CD Info: Atma CD ACD 2 2290, Analekta CD AN 2 9989

#13-15 (04/08/13)

Palestrina, Part 2

The Brabant Ensemble is back, this time with the famous Palestrina, but keeping with their mission to give us unrecorded or rarely-recorded material, this new disc features the Missa Ad coenam Agni providi.


CD Info: CDA67978

#13-14 (04/01/13)

Palestrina, Part 1

With the third disc in a projected Palestrina cycle, Harry Christophers and his ensemble The Sixteen continue with the rarely-recorded Missa Regina caeli.

Composer: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594)

CD Info: CD COR16106

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