June 2013

#13-26 (06/24/13)

Two from Oxford and Avie

The second volume of music from the Eton Choirbook with Christ Church Choir has arrived, as well as a new recording from Queen's College, Oxfiord.

Composer: John BROWNE (fl c 1480–1505), William CORNYSH (d 1502), Richard DAVY (c 1465 – c 1507), Walter LAMBE (b ?1450–51, d after Michaelmas 1504), Robert WYLKYNSON (b c 1475–80, d 1515 or later), Alessandro SCARLATTI (1660 – 1725), George Frideric HANDEL (1685 – 1759),

CD Info: Avie CD AV2184, Avie CD AV2274.

#13-25 (06/17/13)

Firminius Caron

Thanks to scholar Jaap van Benthem we have reconstructed the work of a once famous contemporary of Dufay--a new project from Austrian radio.

Composer: Firminus Caron (ca.1440 - ca.1475)

CD Info: CD fb1207302

#13-24 (06/10/13)

Two Centuries of Lute

Three recent recordings give us lute repertoire by Francesco da Milano (1497-1543) and the French virtuosos Robert de Visée (c.1650-c.1732).

Composer: Robert de Visée (c.1650-c.1732), Francesco da Milano (1497-1543)

CD Info: Carpe Diem CD 16296, CD HMU 907557, Brilliant CD 94435,

#13-23 (06/03/13)

English Royal Funeral Music

This amazing recording by Vox Luminus (originally destined to be part of a review of new releases) is so extraordinary, it deserves a special showcase.

Composer: Henry Purcell (1659-1695), Thomas Morley (1557-1602), Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656), John Paisible, Thomas Tollet, Thomas Weelkes

CD Info: CD RIC332

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