November 2013

#13-48 (11/25/13)

Three Medieval Discs

The Orlando Consort gives us Guillaume de Machaut; the Canadian ensemble la Nef treats us to women Troubadours; and the German ensemble Per Sonat sings Hildegard von Bingen.

Composer: Guillaume de Machaut, Hildegard von Bingen, Seán Dagher

CD Info: Analekta CD AN2 9846; Hyperion CD CDA67727; Christophorus CD CHR 77376

#13-47 (11/18/13)

Music That Should Not Exist

Our recent look at English Renaissance Catholic church music left out a huge area of discovery--the madrigalian motet. Music by composers we may associate with secular works (Weelkes, Wilbye, Ravenscroft, etc.) have been reconstructed by tireless early music champion Ross Duffin, and with this new recording by his Quire ensemble from Cleveland, this music once again comes forth from the shadows.

Composer: Thomas Lupo (1571 – 1627/8), Hieronymus Prætorius (1560 – 1629), John Tomkins (1586 – 1638), George Kirbye (d.1634), Thomas Weelkes (1576 – 1623), William Byrd (1539/40 – 1623), John Mundy (ca.1555 – 1630), Robert Ramsey (fl.1616 – 44), John Wilbye (1574 – 1638), Thomas Tomkins (1572 – 1656), Thomas Ravenscroft (ca.1582 – 1635), Richard Nicolson (fl.1595 – 1639), Alfonso Ferrabsoco, Jr. (ca.1575 – 1628), Martin Peerson (ca.1572 – 1651),

CD Info: CD QC130

#13-46 (11/11/13)

I Am Deprived

The Marian Consort is back with the first disc dedicated to a "disciple of Josquin," the mysterious Frenchman Jean Maillard, focusing on his Mass "Je suis déshéritée."

Composer: Jean Maillard (fl.1538-1570)

CD Info: CD DCD 34130

#13-45 (11/04/13)

Agostino Steffani

The Swiss conductor Diego Fasolis gives us two discs inspired (and featuring) the work of Cecilia Bartoli celebrating this underrepresented contemporary of Corelli.

Composer: Agostino Steffani (1654-1728), Cecilia Bartoli

CD Info: Decca B0018947-02, Decca B0018948-02

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