January 2014

#14-05 (01/27/14)

Songs & Stories from Three Lands

Renaissance Italy and Petrarch settings; a remarkable Armenian troubadour; and Renaissance Nuremberg from royal court to the rise of humanism.

Composer: Serouj Kradjian, Adrian Willaert, Ludwig Senfl, Paul Hofhaimer, Brüder Hess, Josquin Desprez Gregorianisch, Guillaume Dufay, Konrad Paumann, Josquin Desprez, Arnold von Bruck, Salomone Rossi, Robert Morton, Tarquinio Merula, Girolamo Alessandro Frescobaldi, Barbara Strozzi, Bernardo Storace, Alessandro Piccinini, Claudio Monteverdi, Benedetto Ferrari, Tarquinio Merula, Claudio Monteverdi, Bernardo Storace, Marco Da Gagliano,

CD Info: Sono Luminus CD DSL-92172, Challenge Classics CD CC72544, MCO CC 13001

#14-04 (01/20/14)

The Frans Bruggen Editions

Teldec has released a 12 CD compilation of recordings by the great recorder master; we will hear some of his late Renaissance and early Baroque contributions to the recorded repertoire.


CD Info:

#14-03 (01/13/14)

Medieval Finland, Part 2

We had so many comments about our Finnish Christmas shows, we bring back both ensembles—Vox Silentii and Oliphant—and continue exploring their remarkable music.


CD Info:

#14-02 (01/06/14)

Three from ECM, 2014 Edition

We begin our new year with a remarkable folk project from June Tabor (born on New Year’s Eve), the Hilliard Ensemble in 16th century Italy, and a remarkable contemporary take on Pergolesi.

Composer: Bernardo Pisano (1490-1548), Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710 – 1736)

CD Info: ECM CD 2346 4810637, ECM CD 2340 4810 427, ECM CD 2276 372 4555,

#14-01 (01/01/14)

Hail Was they First Greeting–Blue Heron: Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks

NOTE: all of the music on these two programs comes from the work of the Blue Heron Renaissance Choir directed by Scott Metcalfe. For more information on this excellent ensemble and this project, you may check their web site:

Composer: JOHN MASON (c.1480-1548), NICHOLAS LUDFORD (c.1490-1557)

CD Info:

Please check back for updates; we are in the process of uploading playlists and shows dating back to the 1990s.