June 2014

#14-27 (06/30/14)

Italy, c. 1600 Part 2

Three recent releases of dances and instrumental music from the cusp of the Baroque.

Composer: Gaspar Sanz, Diego Ortiz, Marco Uccellini, Andrea Falconieri, Gaspar Sanz, Adam Gilbert, Giovanni Battista Fontana (1571-1630), Dario Castello (1590-1658), Giovanni Legrenzi (1626-1690), Tarquinio Merula (1607-1665),

CD Info: Atma CD A,CD2 2697, Yarlung CD 96819, Mirare CD MIR 214,

#14-26 (06/23/14)

Italy, c. 1600 Part 1

Recent releases of Monteverdi, Luigi Rossi, and the amazing “Mantovano Hebreo” Salamone Rossi.

Composer: Salomone Rossi, Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), TARQUINIO MERULA (1594/5–1665), Luigi Rossi (ca 1597-1653),

CD Info: Aparte CD AP059, Linn CD CKD 429, Hyperion CD CDA68019,

#14-25 (06/16/14)

I Dodici Giradini

A recent recording by the ensemble La Reverdie looks at the songs of St. Catherine of Bologna (1413-1463).

Composer: Johannes Martini (1440 ca.-1497), Heinrich Isaac (1450 ca.-1517), Jacob Obrecht (1457 ca.-1505),

CD Info: CD A 367

#14-24 (06/09/14)

Three More from Accent

More late Renaissance and early Baroque music from Austria and Italy in these Dutch/German collaboration.

Composer: Giovanni Gabrieli (1554/7?- 1612)

CD Info: Accent CD ACC 24282, Accent CD ACC 24236, Accent CD ACC 24290

#14-23 (06/02/14)

Remember me my deir

The Fires of Love Ensemble traces the musicians who followed Scotland’s King James VI as he became King of England after the death of Elizabeth.


CD Info: DCD34129

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