September 2014

#14-40 (09/29/14)

Courts of Heaven—Music from the Eton Choirbook, Volume 3

The latest by Stephen Darlington features rarely-heard music from the Eton Choirbook—Part 3 of a series—including works by Hampton, Turges, and Fawkyner.

Composer: John Browne (fl. c.1480-1505), John Fawkyner (fl. late 15th c.), John Hampton (1484-1521), Edmund Turges (1469-?1508),

CD Info: CD number AV2314,

#14-39 (09/22/14)

Bulgaria, Portugal, and the New World

Three new releases take us on a journey from the Old World to the New.

Composer: JOAN CEREROLS (1618-1676), DIEGO JOSÉ de SALAZAR (??-1709), TOMAS de TORREJON y VELASCO (1644-1728), JUAN de ARAUJO (c.1648-1712), GASPAR FERNANDEZ (c.1570-1629), Antonio Marques LESBIO (1639-1709), Frei Miguel da NATIVIDADE (c.1630-c.1690), Frei Manuel dos SANTOS (1668-1737), Rogerio Gonçalves, Manuel Botelho de OLIVEIRA (1636-1711), Pedro Vaz REGO (1673-1736),

CD Info: CD 2-VLT-15248, D PC 10304. CD RIC 334

#14-38 (09/15/14)

Three New Takes on Early Music

Continuing our occasional “Old Wine, New Skins” feature, we hear recordings that give us a contemporary take on Sephardic music, a jazz ensemble in the middle ages, and sacred Sicilian folklore

Composer: JORGE LIDERMANN (1957-2008),

CD Info: Raum Klang CD RK 3301, Raumklang CD RK 3307, CD FA 9513,

#14-37 (09/08/14)

French Baroque Splendor

Three new recordings take us from the court of Louis XIII into the court of his successors, with music by Moulinie, Charpentier, and even Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Composer: Joseph Hector Fiocco (1703–1741), Jean-Joseph Cassanéa De Mondonville (1711–1772), Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764), Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778), Michel-Richard De Lalande (1657–1726), Louis Lacoste (c1675–c1750), Étienne Moulinié, CARISSIMI, BROSSARD, CHARPENTIER,

CD Info: CD HMC 902194, CD HMU 807588, Hyperion CD CDA 68035

#14-36 (09/01/14)

The City of Ladies

The Spanish ensemble Capella de Ministrers has made more than 40 recordings; it’s latest 2-CD set and book is dedicated to women in the middle ages.

Composer: Constanza de Aragon (S.XIV), Margarita de Austria (1506), Florencia Pinar (S.XV), Cristina de Pizan (1400-1460), Ana Bolena (S.XVI), Carmina Burana (S.XII), Maroie de Dregnau (S.XII), Blanc de Castilla (1188-1252), Beatriz de Dia (c. 1140-1175), Abadia de Fleury (s .XII-XIII), Kassia (s .IX), Gracia Baptista (1557), Codex Bamberg (s.XII), Eloisa (1101-1164), Clarisas de Valencia (s.XIV), Herrada de Landsberg (1130-1195), Christine de Pizan (1364-1420), Hildegarda de Bingen (1098-1179), Las Huelgas (s .XIV)

CD Info:

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