October 2014

#14-44 (10/27/14)

The Tudor Renaissance

From the obscure (Edmund Sturton) to the famous (the masses of William Byrd), recent releasescelebrate the glory of Tudor England.

Composer: William Bryd, Jacobus Gallus, Alessandro Striggio, Thomas Tallis, Nicolas Gombert, Edmund Sturton, Jacob Clement, Antoine Brumel, Michael Praetorius, John Taverner, Richard Rodney Bennett, Orlando Gibbons,

CD Info: Delos DE 3458, Hyperion CD CDA68038, Hyperion CD CDA68038, Valley Entertainment CD2-VLT-15247,

#14-43 (10/20/14)

Three Medieval Discs

We’ll journey from the time of the troubadours with the latest from Alla Francesca to the 14th century in Italy.

Composer: Bernart de Ventadorn, Comtesse de Die, Guilhem Augier Novella, Arnaut Daniel, Paolo da Firenze, Jaufre Rudel, Raimon de Miraval, Bernart de Ventadorn, Francesco LANDINI,

CD Info: Agogique CD AGO017, Musica Ficta CD MF 8017, Tactus CD TC 400005,

#14-42 (10/13/14)

The Sixteenth Century

Three new releases give us different perspectives on late 16th century music: from the motif of the earth trembling, to Freiburg Cathedral in 1594, to the always arresting Don Carlo Gesualdo.

Composer: Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa, Alfonso FERRABOSCO d.Ä. (1543?-1588), Rogier MICHAEL (1552/54-1619), Philippe Leonhard LECHNER (1553-1606), DE MONTE (1521-1603), Albinus FABRICIUS (1570-1635), William BYRD (1543-1623), Giovanni Pierluigi da PALESTRINA (c.1525-1594), Thomas CRÉCQUILLON (c.1505-1557), Jacobus VAET (c.1529-1567), Roland de LASSUS (v.1532-1594), Antoine BRUMEL (c.1460-c.1520),

CD Info: Ricercar CD RIC 343, Atma CD ACD2 2653, CPO CD 777.928-2,

#14-41 (10/06/14)

In Praise of Saint Columba

The latest from the Cambridge choir of Gonville and Caius College is a remarkable attempt to recreate the soundscape of the ancient Celtic liturgy..


CD Info: CD number DCD34137

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