March 2015

#15-14 (03/30/15)

Easter 2015

Holy Week chant from both the Eastern and Western traditions, and a rare Passion from late 16th century Germany.


CD Info: CR413-CD

#15-13 (03/23/15)

Vox Cosmica

The daughter of Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras shares an enchanting vision of music by Hildegard von Bingen.

Composer: Hildegard von Bingen

CD Info: CD-16304

#15-12 (03/16/15)

Three Baroque Recordings

Holy Week lessons from Couperin, a rare Requiem from Sicily, and music for The Man in the Iron Mask.

Composer: BONAVENTURA RUBINO (1600-1668), MARIO CAPUANA (??1580s-1646/7), Monsieur Toinon (?1650-?1700), Jacques Champion Chambonnieres (?1610-?1672), Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe (?1640-1700), Marin Marais (1656-1728), FRANÇOIS COUPERIN (1668-1733), LOUIS-NICOLAS CLÉRAMBAULT (1676-1749)

CD Info: Ricercar CD RIC 353, Alpha CD957, Raum Klang CD RK 3308,

#15-11 (03/09/15)

Lassus: A Musical Biography, Volume IV

This time, the Odhecaton Ensemble continues their study of the composer’s life with his late years.

Composer: Roland de Lassus

CD Info: Musique en Wallonie CD MEW 1471

#15-10 (03/02/15)

The Spy’s Choirbook

The beautiful editions copied and illustrated by Peter Alamire doubled as code that allowed King Henry VIII to vanquish rivals to the throne; the new recording by the Alamire Ensemble explains it all!

Composer: Heinrich Isaac, c.1445-1517, Johannes Ghiselin, fl. 1500, Alexander Agricola, c.1446-1506, Pierrequin de Therache, c.1470-1528, Franciscus Strus, fl. 1500, Josquin Desprez, c.1450-1521, Petrus Alamire (c. 1470-1536), Pierre de la Rue, c.1452-1518, Antoine de Févin, c.1470-1511/12, Jean Mouton, c.1459-1522

CD Info: Obsidian CD CCL CD712

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