October 2015

#15-44 (10/26/15)

Three More from Jordi Savall

The most recent efforts by Jordi Savall and his Capella Real de Catalunya venture into the Baroque: Monteverdi, Biber, and Magnificat settings by Vivaldi & Bach.

Composer: Claudio Monteverdi, JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH, ANTONIO VIVALDI, Bartholomäo Riedl (ca. 1650-1688), Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber,

CD Info: CD AVSA9911, CD ASVA 9912, CD AVSA 9909D.

#15-43 (10/19/15)


We combine the new recording from Clare College, Cambridge (a Requiem service for All Saints & All Souls) with a tribute to the late Tom Zajac (who performed with Piffaro and many other ensembles).


CD Info: CD HMU 907617.

#15-42 (10/12/15)

The Sistine Chapel Choir

In honor of the Pope’s recent visit to America, we present the first studio project recorded in the Sistine Chapel itself.

Composer: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525–1594), Orlando di Lasso (1532–1594), Gregorio Allegri (1582-1652), Felice Anerio (c. 1560–1614), Tommaso Ludovico da Vittoria (1548–1611).

CD Info: 479 5300.

#15-41 (10/05/15)

Three Renaissance Masters

The latest in the Palestrina edition with The Sixteen, Lassus from the Cinquecento Ensemble, and a new recording of Ockeghem’s Missa L’homme armé.

Composer: Johannes OCKEGHEM (c.1410/25-1497), Alexander AGRICOLA (c.1446-1506), Antoine BUSNOIS (c.1430-1492), Robert MORTON (c.1430-c.1479), Guillaume DUFAY (c.1397-1474), Orlande de Lassus, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.

CD Info: CD ROP6106, PROU CD 133, CD CDA 68064, CD COR16133.

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