June 2016

#16-27 (06/27/16)

The Late Medieval Sound in France

The secular works of the Lantins brothers, love songs of Lescurel, and the majesty of Dufay.

Composer: Jehan de Lescurel, Guillaume Du Fay, Hugo de Lantins, Arnold de Lantins

CD Info: CD RIC 366, CD MEW 1577-78, CD RIC 365

#16-26 (06/20/16)

The German Early Baroque

New recordings dedicated to Schütz, Rosenmüller, and the Music Cabinet of the Cantor of the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig.

Composer: Sethus Calvisius (1556 – 1615) , Pandolfo Zallamella (1551 – um 1591), Orlando di Lasso (1532 – 1594), Johann Walter (1496 – 1570) , Johann Hermann Schein (1586 – 1630), Giovanni Battista Stefanini (1574 – 1630) , Heinrich Schütz (1585 – 1672), Thomas Stoltzer (um 1475 – 1526) , Sixt Dietrich (1492/94 – 1548), Johann Rosenmüller (1617–1684),

CD Info: CD RK ao 10114, Carus CD 83.258, CD ROP7012920

#16-25 (06/13/16)

The Sixteenth Century

Music for Emperor Charles V, Pope Leo X, and the great Franco-Flemish composer (and maybe Josquin pupil) Nicholas Gombert.

Composer: Rossino Mantovano, Domenico da Piacenza, Antoine Bruhier, Francesco Canova di Milano, Michele Pesenti, Bernardo Pisano, Nicolaus Craen, Elzeart Genet di Carpentras (?-1548), Marco Antonio

CD Info: CD RAM 1403, FB 1504211, CDCOV 91602

#16-24 (06/06/16)

The Medieval Muse

The Capella de Ministrers are back with an exploration into the life and times of the mystic Ramon Llul; and Dialogos traces the oral roots of Dalmatian chant.


CD Info: CD 1637, CD A395

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