July 2017

#17-32 (07/31/17)

Three from Christophorus

The adventurous German label gives us two great works from the early German Baroque, and a setting of the Lamentations scored for soprano and psaltery!

Composer: Samuel Scheidt, Samuel Capricornus,

CD Info: Christophorus CD 77411, CD CHR 77407, CD CHR 77408

#17-31 (07/24/17)

James O’Donnell and Westminster

The masterful conductor of the Choir of Westminster Abbey takes us through some of his recent recordings of music from the Elizabethan era. All recordings feature The Choir of Westminster Abbey conducted by James O’Donnell.

Composer: Christopher Tye, William Mundy, Thomas Tallis, John Sheppard, William Byrd, Robert White, John Taverner

CD Info: CD CDA67704, CD CDA 67928, CD CDA68147

#17-30 (07/17/17)

Carlo G

Fifteen years ago, a music manuscript was bought at a flea market outside of Vienna for 50 Euros; it turns out to be a previously unknown Italian composer from around 1600. This week: the world premiere recording.

Composer: Carlo G, Caccini G., Giacobbi, Quagliati

CD Info: CD GCD 922516

#17-29 (07/10/17)

Martin Luther, continued

Three new releases: a boxed set of early Lutheran settings set by the liturgical year, an evocation of the crucial year of 1517, and an early Baroque master in Leipzig.

Composer: Ludwig Senfl, Johann Walter, Stephan Zirler, Sebastian Krause, Orlando di Lasso, Hans Neusidler, Melchior Neusidler, Jobst vom Brandt, Ludwig Böhme, Wolfgang Katschner, Josquin Desprez, Bo Wiget, Thomas Stoltzer, Josquin Desprez, Heinrich Isaac, Johann Sebastian Bach, Heinrich Scheidemann, Michael Altenburg, Andreas Hammerschmidt, Paul Siefert, Michael Praetorius, Samuel Scheidt, Johann Hermann Schein, Delphin Strungk, Caspar Othmayr, Thomas Selle, Bartholomäus Gesius, Melchior Franck, Heinrich Schütz, Christoph Bernhard, Hieronymus Praetorius, Johann Steffens, Joachim a Burck, Martin Luther, Johann Walter, Balthazar Resinarius, Andreas Hammerschmidt, Caspar Othmayr, Sebastian Knüpfer

CD Info: Carus CD 83.477, CD RIC 376, CPO CD777 884-2.

#17-28 (07/03/17)

Italian Early Baroque continued

The lovely Marian Vespers of Cavalli; an examination of the feminine sacred and divine in the early 17th century; and Frescobaldi on accordion!.

Composer: Francesco Cavalli, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Carlo Gesualdo, Alessandro Solbiati, Roberto Caravella, Marco Uccellini, Luigi Rossi, Andrea Falconieri, Bonifazio Graziani, CRISTOFARO CARESANA, ATTILIO ARIOSTI, Sigismondo D'India

CD Info: CD CDS7782, Brilliant Classics CD 94972, III Milennio CD CDA0245

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