October 2017

#17-45 (10/30/17)

Three from Tactus

The Italian label once again takes us to the cusp of the Baroque (including world-premiere recordings).

Composer: Camillo Cortellini, Giovanni Battista Fasolo, Bonaventure Rubino

CD Info: CD TC 560380, CD TC 590701, CD TC 601803

#17-44 (10/23/17)

Back to the Middle Ages

It’s been a while since we ventured back in time; this week, medieval Italy, Catalunya, and the importance of wine in Medieval times!


CD Info: III Millennio CDCDA 0185, CDRK 3501, Brilliant CD95481

#17-43 (10/16/17)

Luther & the Reformation—the 500th

October 31st makes the actual date of the Reformation, and we conclude our year-long series with recordings that take us from Schutz to Bach.

Composer: Heinrich Schütz, Johann Rosenmüller, J.S. Bach, Brahms, Croft, Cruger, Luther, Mendelssohn, Neumark, Vaughan Williams,

CD Info: Carus CD 83.276, CD FCR909, CD HMM 902265.

#17-42 (10/09/17)

Crossing Over, continued

The London Town Waits, Trio Medieval with a twist, and Handel gets the Christina Pluhar treatment.

Composer: Anthony Holborne (c.1545 – 1602), John Adson (c.1585 – 1640), Peter Philips (c.1560 – 1628), Thomas Morley (c.1557 – 1602), John Dowland (1563 – 1626), Richard Allison (c.1560 – c.1610), Simon Stubbs (fl.1616 – 21), Thomas Ravenscroft (1590 – 1633), John Playford (1623 – 1686/7), Valentin Haussmann (c.1560 – c.1614), George Friderich Händel (1685-1759),

CD Info: CD AV2364, Warner Erato CD0190295811693, ECM CD 2520.

#17-41 (10/02/17)

Back to Poland

The Wroclaw Baroque gives us three superb new recordings of Polish music of the early Baroque era.

Composer: Marcin Mielcewski (c. 1605-1651), Bartholomiej Pekiel,

CD Info: CD ACD 222-2; NFM 30, CD ACD 227-2; NFM 34, CD ACD 240-2; NFM 44

Please check back for updates; we are in the process of uploading playlists and shows dating back to the 1990s.