February 2018

#18-10 (02/26/18)

Noel Bauldeweyn

A contemporary of Josquin, for years many of his works were attributed to the more famous composer; the Fra Bernardo label is back with world-premiere recordings of masses by this Franco-Flemish master.

Composer: Noel Bauldeweyn (c. 1480 – c. 1530),

CD Info:

#18-09 (02/19/18)

Norwegian Medieval

The “official pilgrimage choir” for Nidaros, the Schola Sancta Sunnivae, gives the service the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary; and Trio Mediaeval reconstructs ancient Norwegian folksong.


CD Info: ECM CD 2520, 2L CD 114

#18-08 (02/12/18)

Norwegian Renaissance

For their 20th anniversary, this superb Norwegian vocal ensemble (in collaboration with the director of the New Victoria Edition) chose to perform six-voice works by Tomas Luis de Victoria; plus Lamentation settings from the Renaissance.

Composer: Tomás Luis de Victoria , Carlo Gesualdo, Giovanni Palestrina

CD Info: CD CHSA 0402, CD CHSA 0763

#18-07 (02/05/18)

Norwegian Baroque

The Bergen Baroque continue their series celebrating Ludvig Holberg with his Copenhagen years, plus suites in particular keys; and the Norwegian Baroque Orchestra gives us world-premiere music of Johann Berlin.

Composer: Johan Heinrich Berlin, Johan Daniel Berlin

CD Info: CD LWC 1096, CD PSC 1331

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