June 2018

#18-27 (06/25/18)

And Three More from the Middle Ages

The play of the Three Marys, music from the vièlle, and an amazing look at music from Medieval Denmark.

Composer: Johannes Ciconia , Guillaume Dufay

CD Info: Eya CD 68761-4, CD RIC 308, Tacet CD 243

#18-26 (06/18/18)

Three from 17th Century France

Tenebrae lessons by Charpentier and a world-premier recording of the Tenebrae of Michel Lambert; and between, the popular fables of La Fontaine set by Clérambault.

Composer: Michel Lambert (1610-1696), Nicolas Hotman (1613-1663), Ennemond Gaultier (1575-1651), Jean-François Dandrieu, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer, Louis-Claude Daquin, Louis-Nicolas Clérambault, Marc-Antoine Charpentier

CD Info: CD HMM 902363.64, CD MAG 358.406, CD CDA68171.

#18-25 (06/11/18)

The Silk Road: The Orient & the Mediterranean

Carlos Magraner continues his boxed-set collections with a journey from Tang Dynasty China across the Silk Road and into Spain.


CD Info: CD 1743

#18-24 (06/04/18)

The Routes of Slavery

At last, the long-awaited Grammy-nominated latest box set from Jordi Savall has arrived, tracing music from slave routes from 1444-1888.


CD Info: CD AVSA9920

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