October 2018

#18-45 (10/30/18)

Three Crossover Journeys

Francesco Landini as seen by eastern musicians, more from the Irish Baroque, and the roots of popular song in Valencia.

Composer: Telemann, Purcell, Leclair, Handel, O'Carolan, Omaggio a Francesco

CD Info: RTE Lyric CD 156, CdM CD 1844, Dreyer Gaido CD 21109

#18-44 (10/23/18)

Fra Bernardo: Pierre de la Rue

The unusual Austrian label gives us a fairly-well-known composer, but with world-premiere recordings of previously-unrecorded masses.

Composer: Pierre de la Rue (c.1450-1518).

CD Info: CD FB 1800751.

#18-43 (10/16/18)

Bailar Cantando

Jordi Savall is back, this time with another revelation: 18th century mestizo culture and music in Peru.


CD Info: CD AVSA9927,

#18-42 (10/09/18)

Three from Arcana

The wonderful label dedicated to rarely-heard music gives us music by Giacomo Gorzanus, passionate works of Luca Marenzio, and early 16th century works for two vihuelas.

Composer: Giacomo Gorzanis (c1530-c1575), Josquin Desprez, Adrian Willaert, Giulio Segni da Modena, Antonio de Cabezón, Philippe Verdelot, Francesco Canova da Milano, Francisco Fernández Palero, Francesco da Milano, Juan Vasquez, Luca Marenzio

CD Info: Arcana CD A 450, Arcana CD A 428, Arcana CD A 449

#18-41 (10/01/18)

Chants of the Holy Orders

The great Discantus Ensemble gives us early Dominican chat, an Italian recording traces the Franciscans, and a new attempt to reconstruct Mozarabic chant.


CD Info: CD TC 250001, Byard Musique CD 308.556.2

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