December 2018

#18-52 (12/17/18)

An Early Baroque Christmas

Cantatas from one of Bach’s predecessors at Leipzig, early 17th century Spanish villancicos, and seasonal music from the Danish Pietist movement.

Composer: Cancionero de Gaspar Fernández, Alonso de Bonilla, Johann Schelle, Hans Adolph Brorson (1694-1764), CHARLES DIEUPART (1667-1740), J. F. FIBIGER (c. 1680-1738),JOHANN ADOLPH SCHEIBE (1708-76),

CD Info: IBS CD 182017, CPO CD 555.155-2, Dacapo CD 8.226123

#18-51 (12/10/18)

A Cavalier Christmas

The Ebor Singers return with their first release (after the popular "Music for Troubled Times”) with Christmas Music from the time of the English Civil War.

Composer: Orlando GIBBONS (1583-1625), William BYRD (c1539/40-1623), Richard DERING (c1580-1630), Alessandro GRANDI (1586-1630), Martin PEERSON (c1572-1651), William LAWES (1602-1645), Henry LAWES (1596-1662), George JEFFREYS (c1610-1685), John JENKINS (1592-1678), William BYRD

CD Info: RES10102,

#18-50 (12/03/18)

Three Eras of Christmas

A medieval service for St. Nicholas, Renaissance works from the new ORA recoding, and Apollo’s Fire with "Christmas on Sugarloaf Mountain."

Composer: Byrd, A Peacock, R Williams, Judith Weir, Tallis, Allain Richard, James MacMillan, Rutter, Jamie W. Hall, Ben Rowarth,Thomas Hyde, Cecilia McDowall, Fredrik Sixten, Steven Sametz, Morten Lauridsen

CD Info: Arcana CD A442, CD HMM 905305, CD AV2396

#18-01 (12/25/17)

Farewell to 2017

Musical thoughts and reflections on the year passed (and the one to come).

Composer: Pope St JOHN PAUL II (1920-2005), Marcin PALIGON (16th-17th c.), Krzysztof BOREK (d. after 1566), JAN z Lublina, Bartłomiej PĘKIEL (d.1670), Tomasz SZADEK (?1550-1612), Grzegorz Gerwazy GORCZYCKI (1665/67 -1734), WINCENTY z Kielczy (13th c.), Johann Hermann Schein, Christoph Bernhard, Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow, Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, Giovanni Croce (1557 - 1609), Giovanni Picchi (1571 - 1643), Vincenzo Bell'haver (1540 - 1587), Giovanni Gabrieli (1557 - 1612), Andrea Gabrieli (1553 - 1585), Gioseffo Guami (1542 - 1611), Claudio Merulo (1533 - 1604)

CD Info: CD DUX 1334, M D & G CD 602 0169-2, Jade CD M2-36161, CD CHAN 0678, . Arcana CD A439

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