February 2019

#19-10 (02/25/19)

England Around 1600

The lute book of the Dark Lord, transcriptions of Elizabethan works for gamba and accordion (!), and music for the 12-course lute.


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#19-09 (02/28/19)

Miserere mei Deus

Funeral motets and the Deplorations of Josquin Des Prez featuring the Cappella Amsterdam.


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#19-08 (02/11/19)

The French Baroque

Jordi Savall shares dance music of Rebel, Les Arts Florissants and the “petits motets” of Lully, and the gamba of Antoine Forqueray.

Composer: Jean-Féry Rebel (1666-1747), Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767), Lully, Antoine Forqueray (1672-1745), Michele MASCITTI (1664?-1760), Jean-Marie LECLAIR (1697-1764), Mr DE VISÉE (1660 ?-1733 ?), Arcangelo CORELLI (1653-1713), Jean-Baptiste (-Antoine) FORQUERAY (1699-1782)

CD Info: Alia Vox CD ASVA 9929, Harmonia Mundi CD HAF 8901274, Harmonia Mundi CD HMM 902330

#19-07 (02/04/19)

17th century Spain & Portugal

Sacred works of Manuel Cardoso, popular music for harp, and the Cappella Mediterranea with music of the Golden Age.

Composer: Joan Manuel SERRAT (b. 1943), Francisco VALLS (c1671-1707), Lucas Ruiz DE RIBAYAZ (1626-1677), Juan Bautista José CABANILLES (1644-1712), Mateo FLECHA "El Viejo" (1481-1553), "El Viejo" (1481-1553), Diego Fernández DE HUETE (1633/43?-c1713), Juan SERQUEIRA DE LIMA (?-c1726), Lucas RUIZ DE RIBAYAZ (17th C), Juan HIDALGO (1614-1685), Bernardo DE ZALA (?-?), Antonio MARTÍN Y COLL (?-after 1733), Juan F. GÓMEZ DE NAVAS (c1630-c1695), John DOWLAND (1562-1626), Manuel Cardoso (1566-1650).

CD Info: Alpha CD 412, DUX CD 1359, Hyperion CD CDA 68252.

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