July 2019

#19-32 (07/29/19)

The Medieval Mysteries

Chants of the Knights Templar, music for the Holy Grail, and the German prince and minnesinger Wizlav the Younger, whose music wound up in Norway.

Composer: Robert de Boron (c.1190-1210), Hélinand de Froidmont (c.1160-1230), La Corona de Aragón (c.1123-1458), Walther von der Vogelweide, Wolfram von Eschenbach (1170-1220), Chrétien de Troyes, Thibault de Champagne, Hildegard von Bingen, Wizlav the Younger

CD Info: CD HMO 8905302, CdM CD 1845, CD PPC 9078.

#19-31 (07/22/19)

Music for St. Katherine of Alexandria

Andrew Kirkman and his Binchois Consort are back with an amazing look at the 15th century English cult of St. Catherine, a revival inspired in part by Henry V’s marriage to Katherine de Valois.

Composer: Walter FRYE (d. 1475), Thomas BITTERING (fl.c1410-30), John DUNSTAPLE (c. 1390-1453), Robert DRIFFELDE (fl. 1424-1468)  

CD Info: CD CDA68274

#19-30 (07/15/19)

Three More from CPO

This time the remarkable German label gives us madrigals of Giovanni de Macque, sacred works of Johann Krieger, and works by an Italian compatriot of Heinichen and Zelenka in Dresden who brought the first Italian operas to Russia.

Composer: Giovanni de Macque circa 1548-1614, Johann Philipp Krieger (1649-1725), Giovanni Alberto Ristori

CD Info: CPO CD 777 977-2, CPO CD 555 037-2, CPO CD 555 200-2.

#19-29 (07/08/19)

Music Before 1800: Alkemie

Our friends from Music Before 1800 presented this recent concert of medieval music for the Virgin Mary with a program from the Alkemie Ensemble entitled Rosa das Rosas.


CD Info:

#19-28 (07/01/19)

Stile Antico: In a Strange Land

The latest recording from this popular group looks at those Tudor composers driven from their homeland because of their Catholic faith.

Composer: Huw Watkins, William Byrd, Dowland, Philippe de Monte, Peter Philips, Robert Dering, Robert White

CD Info: CD HMM 902266,

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