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Program: #01-10, Air Date: 03/05/00

Again, in time for St. Patrick's Day the brilliant Medieval ensemble Altramar has found unknown Celtic repertoire to bring to light.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the
recording Celtic Wanderers: The Pilgrim's Road on the
Dorian label, CD DOR-93213. The performances
are by the Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble featuring
vocalist and instrumentalist Angela Mariani, our
guest for this program.

1). Anon.: Ductu Angelico (Trinity College Dublin MS. 79).

2). NOTKER BALBULUS: Prosa: Dilecte Deo Galle.

3). Anon.: Office of St. Kilian (Vienna, Schottenstift):

Vesper Antiphons: Christi martir; Chorus resonet.

Antiphons: Iter beatudinis beatus Kylianus;
Socios assumpsit itineris; Pergentes simul mirificati;
Gloriati sunt in domino; Nomen tuum sanctum est
domine; Predicando verbum Dei.

4). Anon./JannCosart: Puella Christi (Schottenshift, Brigid-Fragment).

5). Anon.: Planctus Cygni (Paris Bibliotheque National, MS Latin 887).

6). Anon.: Samson dux fortissime (British Library, MS Harley 978).

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CD DOR-93213