Chant: Music for the Soul Part I

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Program: #08-37    Air Date: Sep 01, 2008

This compilation of Gregorian (and Cistercian!) chant from the Cistercian monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz debuted at #1 on the Billboard Classical chart. It will be featured in a special two-part show to kick off Millennium's 2008/2009 season.

NOTE: Our 2008/2009 season premiere was an examination of this extraordinary new recording with the Cistercian Monks of the Abbey of Stift Heiligenkreuz. With the help of Fr. Jerome Weber, we explored earlier Cistercian chant recordings and heard the entire new disc.


Antecedent Recordings:

I. Immortel Gregorien (Studio SM CD 12 20.02)

--Salve Regina ("Salve de la Trappe"). Choir of the monks of La Grand Trappe.

II. Les Saints Fondateurs de l'Ordre Cistercien (Studio SM CD D 2655 SM 62)

--Messe des Saints Fondateurs (Mass proper for an Abbott, Cistercian Mass I):
Introit: Os justi meditabitur
Kyrie; Gloria
Gradual: Domine praevenisti
Alleluia: Justus germinabit
Offertory: Desiderum animae
Sanctus, Agnus Dei
Communio: Amen dico vobis
Psalm 20; Ubi caritas.
Schola de l'Abbaye d'Hauterive/Choeur des Ambrosiniens/Pere Hermann Joseph, O.Cist.

III. A Child is Born (Sony Music Special Products A 26303)

--Hymn: Conditor alme siderum
--Responsory 1st Vespers of Christmas: O Juda
--Christmas Midnight Mass
Introit: Dominus Dixit
Gradual: Tecum principium
Alelluia: Dominus Dixit
Offertory: Laetentur Caeli
Communio: In splendoribus
The Trappist Monks of the Abbey of Gethsemane

IV. CHANT: Music for the Soul

"Into Paradise (In paradisum)"

1. Antiphon "In Paradisum" et Psalmus 121 (122) 4:28
2. Responsorium "Subvenite" 2:29
3. Responsorium "Libera Me" 4:27
4. Stift Heiligenkreuz Bells 1:36

"Mass for the Dead (Requiem)"
5. Missa pro defunctis: Introitus "Requiem aeternam" 2:00
6. Missa pro defunctis: Kyrie 1:38
7. Missa pro defunctis: Graduale "Requiem aeternam" 2:40
8. Missa pro defunctis: Tractus "Absolve Domine" 2:10
9. Missa pro defunctis: Offertorium "Domine Iesu Christe" 3:40
10. Missa pro defunctis: Sanctus 0:46
11. Missa pro defunctis: Post Elevationem: "Pie Iesu Domine" 0:50
12. Missa pro defunctis: Agnus Dei 0:44
13. Missa pro defunctis: Communio "Lux aeterna" 1:08

"Night Prayers (Compline)"
14. Ad Completorium: Deus in adiutorium 0:49
15. Ad Completorium: Hymnus "Te lucis ante terminum" 1:24
16. Ad Completorium: Psalmus 4 2:33
17. Ad Completorium: Psalmus 90 (91) 3:46
18. Ad Completorium: Pslamus 133 1:12
19. Ad Completorium: Lectio brevis 0:27
20. Ad Completorium: Responsorium breve 0:40
21. Ad Completorium: Canticum Simeonis "Nunc dimittis" 2:18
22. Ad Completorium: Kyrie 0:12
23. Ad Completorium: Oratio conclusive 0:48
24. Ad Completorium: Antiphona ad Beatam Mariam Virginem "Salve Regina" 2:47
25. Ad Completorium: Benedictio 0:19
26. Stift Heiligenkreuz Bells 1:00

"Spirit of the Lord (Spritus Domini)"
27. Hymnus "Veni Creator Spiritus" 2:32
28. Introitus Dominica Pentecostes "Spiritus Domini" 2:38
29. Communio Dominica Pentecostes "Factus est repente" 1:17

The Cistercian Monks of the Abbey of Stift Heiligenkreuz.

CD Info

SM CD 12 20.02, SM CD D 2655 SM 62, A 26303,

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