The Sephardim in the Ottoman Empire

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Program: #01-22, Air Date: 05/28/01

Howard Bass, musical director for the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History guides us through a celebration of music of the Jews driven from Spain.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is performed by
the early music ensemble La Rondinella.The director is our
guest Howard Bass, Program Producer for the National
Musieum of American History of the Smithsonian. This series is
made possible in part by grants from:

The American-Turkish Council
Toka Business Ventures
and The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts

with additional support from Turkish Airlines,
the Ciragan Palace Hotel, Net Holding, and
Garanti Bank of Istanbul.

La Rondinella records for the Dorian label.
The three recordings referenced are:

Songs of the Sephardim: Traditional Music of the Spanish Jews
Dorian CD DIS-80105 (abbreviated S/S below).

A Song of David: Music of the Sephardim and Renaissance Spain
Dorian CD DIS-80130 (abbr. S/D).

Sephardic Journey: Spain and the Spanish Jews
Dorian CD DOR-93171 (abbr. S/J).

Set I: The Bible

--Pesah ala mano (S/D).
--Triste esta el rey David (S/D).
--Buena semana (S/D).
--El dia de Purim (S/D).
--Mizmor l'David (S/D).
--El dio alto (S/J).
--Cuando el rey Nimrod (S/S).

Set II: The Ottoman Settlements

--Las hermanas (S/D).
--Il bastidor (S/D).
--Madre mia si mi muero (S/D).
--Yo hanino tu hanina (S/D).
--Tres hermanicas (S/J).
--Alta, alta va la luna (S/J).

Set III: The Living Oral Tradition

--Yo era ninya (S/J).
--Una noche bodre el amor (S/J).
--A la una naci yo (S/J).
--Avrix me galanica (S/J).
--Adio querida (S/S).

Additional support for the discovery and dissemination of music in
the Jewish tradition comes from the John and Beebe Petrou Foundation.

CD Info

CD DIS-80105, CD DIS-80130, CD DOR-93171