Easter 2002: The Tallis Scholars

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Program: #02-12, Air Date: 03/25/02

For the 22nd anniversary of Millennium of Music, we present The Sixteen and Fretwork directed by Harry Christophers from the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht 2001 performing Buxtehude's meditation of Christ, Membra Jesu nostri.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is performed by The

 Tallis Scholars directed by our guest Peter Phillips.


 This Easter special is the 22nd Anniversary of the weekly broadcast

 of Millennium of Music.


 The recording, Nicholas Gombert: Magnificats 1-4, is on the Gimell label

 and is CD number GIM 037. Gimell is disributed by Harmonia Mundi USA.


 NICOLAS GOMBERT (c.1495-1560):


 --Magnificat 1 Primi toni.


 --Magnificat 2 Secundi toni.


 --Magnificat 3 Tertii et  octavi toni.


 --Magnificat 4 Quarti toni.

Composer Info

NICOLAS GOMBERT (c.1495-1560).

CD Info

GIM 037.