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Program: #00-24, Air Date: 06/03/00

NOTE: The music on this program is from the 1999 Flanders International Music Festival, from the Early Music Series in Bruges. The program, "A Mass in Venice c. 1620" features the chorus and orchestra of the Capella Ducale, Venice, directed by Livio Picotti. For information on the Flanders Festival, for travel to Flanders, and for cultural events, you may contact the Belgian Tourist Office at

Anon.: Processional: Ingrediente Domino.
           Introit: Domine ne longe. (from Processional-Rituale, Venice, c. 1620).

 CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI: Missa "In Illo tempore" a sei voci: Kyrie and Gloria.

 Anon.: Gradual: Tenuisti. (from Graduale Marciano).

 TEODORO CLINIO (?-1602): Sacrae quatour Christi comini passiones (Venice, 1595): Passio Secundum Matthaeum a 7 soli e 6 voci: excerpts.

 GIOVANNI CROCE (1557-1609): In die tribulationis meae (Offertory). (from Motetti, Libro primo, Venice, 1597).

 MONTEVERDI: Missa "In illo tempore": Sanctus and Agnus Dei.

 ANDREA GABRIELI: In tribulatione Dominum (Communion). (from Molinaro's "Fatiche Spirituale," Libro primo a 6 voci, Venice, 1610).

 Anon.: Ite missa est. (from Procuratoria di San Marco, Venice).

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