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Program: #06-39   Air Date: Sep 18, 2006

In a follow-up to the best-selling program of Americana called American Angels, the ladies of Anonymous 4 have created (as they say) a “diary of our second pilgrimage to the roots of Anglo-American vocal music. The journey has led us to more of the most beautiful religious ballads, folk songs, folk hymns, and gospel songs ever to be found. Each sung poem contains a world of meaning in itself: together they tell a story of love and loss, hope and redemption.” The ladies will join us for this special program.

NOTE: All of the music from this program is found on the new recording Gloryland featuring Anonymous 4 (Susan Hellauer, Marsha Genensky, Jacqueline Horner, Johanna Maria Rose) with Darol Anger & Mike Marshall. The recording is on the Harmonia Mundi label and is CD #HMU 907400. For more information, you may contact them at:

The ladies of Anonymous 4 joined us live for this program.

1. I'm on my Journey Home / O who will come and go with me

2. An Address for All (instrumental) / Like Noah's Weary dove

3. Wayfaring Stranger / I am a poor wayfaring stranger

4. Wayfaring Stranger

5. Where We'll Never Grow Old

6. Ecstasy / Oh, when shall I see Jesus

7. The Wagoner's Lad

8. Mercy-Seat / From ev’ry stormy wind that blows

9. Return Again / Saviour, visit Thy plantation

10. The Lost Girl

11. Palmetto / Shall we gather at the river

12. Pleading Saviour / Gently, Lord, O gently lead us

13. Merrick / Saviour, visit Thy plantation

14. The Shining Shore

15. Saint's Delight / When I can read my title clear

16. Just Over in the Gloryland

17. You Fair and Pretty Ladies

18. Parting Friends / Wayfaring Stranger

19. Green Pastures 

CD Info

CD #HMU 907400

Note: The contact information in this episode may be out-of-date. You can contact us at this current link.