Istanbul International Music Festival Part 2–Phantasm

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Program: #06-18   Air Date: Apr 09, 2006

NOTE: This week, we look back at the Istanbul International Music Festival 2005, with performances of Elizabethan consort music by the international viol ensemble Phantasm. The material for this program is found on the recent recording The Four Temperaments on the Avie label, CD AV2054.

This program is made possible in part by a grant from the American-Turkish
Council, the American Friends of Turkey, Raymond James International Holding
(independent investment and financial planning advice and investment banking
services in the United States and Turkey since 1962), and the Turkish Cultural
Foundation, dedicated to promoting Turkish culture and heritage.

The four composers represented are chosen to correspond to the four temperaments or humors that govern personality and match astrological elements: the choleric fire signs, phlegmatic water signs, sanguine air signs and melancholic earth signs:

Robert Parsons (c. 1530-1571)
Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder (1543-1588)
Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585)
William Byrd (c. 1539-1623).

All of the setting of the phrase "In nomine" are taken from the Missa Gloria tibi trinitas by John Taverner.

--TALLIS: A Solfing Song.
--BYRD: Queen's Goodnight (Prelude & Ground).
--PARSONS: A song of Mr Robert Parsons.
--TALLIS: In nomine II a 4.
--PARSONS: In nomine III a 5.
--PARSONS: De la court.
--FERRABOSCO: Pavan a 5.
--BYRD: Missa a 4--Kyrie.
--FERRABOSCO: In nomine II a 5.
--BYRD: Missa a 4--Gloria
--TALLIS: In nomine I a 4.
--BYRD: Missa a 4--Credo
--FERRABOSCO: In nomine I a 5.
--BYRD: Missa a 4--Sanctus
--FERRABOSCO: In nomine III a 5.
--BYRD: Missa a 4--Agnus Dei.
--PARSONS: Ut re mi fa sol la.
--FERRABOSCO: Fantasia a 4.
--BYRD: Pavan a 6; Galliard a 6.
--PARSONS: A Song called Trumpets.
--FERRABOSCO: Sur la Rousee (Fantasia a 6).

Composer Info

Robert Parsons (c. 1530-1571), Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder (1543-1588), Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585), William Byrd (c. 1539-1623)

CD Info

CD AV2054

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