Monks of the Abbey of Chevetogne–O Star That Reveals the Sun

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Program: #12-37   Air Date: Sep 03, 2012

After years of working with the monks of Chevetogne, I made bold as to suggest the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin as a liturgy to celebrate; this week, in time for the September 8 celebration their newest recoding.

Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

Even by the standards of our most popular program, we have
been gratified (and taken aback) by the overwhelming response we have received from this series dedicated to the work of the monks of Chevetogne. To this end, we are providing some extra information on how to reach the monks online or by mail.

Monastère de l'Exaltation de la Sainte Croix
Rue du monastère 65
B - 5590 - Chevetogne

Tel.: + 32 (0)83 21.17.63
Fax: + 32 (0)83 21.60.45

E-mail address of Fr. Thomas Pott, current music director:

[email protected]

NOTE: This is CD 105/311:

Fr. Thomas Pott writes: "Rejoice, O Star that reveals the Sun" chants St. Roman the Melodist (end of the 5th, beginning of the 6th cen.) in the famous hymn the Akathistos to the Mother of God. These words express the amazement before the mystery of the human being, Mary, who brought to the world the God of Heaven. The contrast between human motherhood and divine fatherhood, between the vulnerability and invincibility of life, between carnal generation and the insufflation of the Spirit of God, reaches its climax in the person of the Virgin Mary like in a great cosmic celebration where the creature and the Creator embrace each other and conceive a new life, both divine and human.

Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God:

--Troparion: Your birth, O Virgin Mother of God, heralded joy to the universe.

--Megalynarion: We extol you, O Most Holy Virgin

--Canon, Ode 1: Come, you peoples.
--Canon, Ode 1: Inscribing the invincible weapon of the Cross.
--Canon, Ode 3: Establish us in you, O Lord.
--Canon, Ode 3: The rod of Aaron is an image.
--Kathisma: The Virgin Mary, truly the Mother of God.
--Canon, Ode 4: I heard the report of your dispensation, Lord..
--Canon, Ode 4: O Lord I have heard the mystery.
--Canon, Ode 5: Having destroyed the shadowy darkness.
--Canon, Ode 6: From the belly of the sea monster.
--Canon, Ode 6: Jonah stretched out his hands.
--Kontakion: Through your holy birth, O Immaculate One.
--Canon, Ode 7: The fiery bush on the mount.
--Canon, Ode 7: The senseless decree of a wicked tyrant.
--Canon, Ode 8: Once you prefigured your Mother.
--Canon, Ode 8: O yes children, equal in number
--Canon, Ode 9 We magnify you, O blessed and most pure Mother of God
--Canon, Ode 8: O Theotokos, thou are a mystical paradise
--Expostilarion: Today the ends of the earth rejoice your Nativity.

At Divine Liturgy

--Glory be to the Father...
--Trisagion: Holy God, holy strong One...
--Prokimenon: My soul magnifies the Lord...

The Entrance in the Temple of the Mother of God


--Troparion: Today is the prelude of the benevolence of God.
--Megalynarion: We extol you, O most holy Virgin.
--Canon, Ode 1: I will open my mouth/Christ is born.
--Canon, Ode 3: O Mother of God/to the Son who was begotten.
--Kathisma: Cry out, O David.
--Canon, Ode 4: Habbakuk the prophet/Rod of the root of Jesse.
--Canon, Ode 5: At your most holy entry into the temple/As you are God of peace.
--Canon, Ode 6: Come, o you faithful/The sea monster spat forth Jonah.
--Kontakion: The most pure temple of the Savior..
--Canon, Ode 7: The holy youths trampled courageously the menacing fire/Scorning the impious decree.
--Canon, Ode 8: O pure Virgin maiden/The furnace moist with dew.
--Canon, Ode 9: Let no human hand touch the living Ark of God/A strange and most wonderful mystery.
--Expostilarion: In faith ket us praise Mary.

At Divine Liturgy

--Hymn of the Cherubim.
--Anaphora: The mercy of peace.
--Communion Hymn.

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CD 105/311