Music from Norway–Dowland and Froberger

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Program: #08-12   Air Date: Mar 10, 2008

While English by birth, Dowland also served at the Royal Danish court—we’ll hear members of the Norwegian Baroque Soloists with lutenist Rolf Lislevand and mezzo Randi Stene in some of the great songs of Dowland; plus some of the brilliant harpsichord works of Johann Jacob Froberger performed by H.K. Sveen.


NOTE: All of the music on this program comes from two separate discs featuring Norwegian performers.

These programs are made possible in part by support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. For more information about Norwegian cultural events in the United States or for travel and tourist information, you may consult:

I. Lachrimae: John Dowland Rolf Lislevand, lute (and director); Randi Stene, mezzo; & the Norsk Barokkorkester (Linn CD CKD-194).

JOHN DOWLAND (?1563-1626): Seaven Teares, figured in seaven Passionate Pavans, together with six songs of Teares and Weeping:

--Pavan I: Lachrimae Antique
--Song: "Flow my tears"
--Pavan II: Lachrimae Antique Novae
--Song: "I saw my lady weep"
--Pavan III: Lachrimae Gementes
--Song "From silent night"
--Pavan IV: Lachrimae Tristes
--Lute solo: Fortune my foe
--Pavan V: Lachrimae Coactae
--Song "Lasso mia vita"
--Pavan VI: Lachrimae Amantis
--Song: "All ye, whom love or fortune hath betrayed"
--Pavan VII: Lachrimae Verae
--Song : "In darkness let me dwell"

II. Froberger: Canzons and Capriccios H.K. Sveen, harpsichord (Bergen Barokk CD BBR 901)

The German composer, keyboard player, and organist Johann Jacob Froberger was considered the leading keyboard composer of his time in Germany. He was the son of a musician, the later Stuttgart Kapellmeister, and eventually studied in Rome with Frescobaldi. He was in court employment in Vienna and Brussels, and won success as a performer in France and in England. >From 1653 to 1658 he was court organist in Vienna, and spent his last years at the French estate of Princess Sibylla of Wurttemberg-Montbliard. --Naxos

JOHANN JACOB FROBERGER (1616-1667): Keyboard Livre, 1649:
--Toccata I in a minor
--Canzon I in d minor
--Canzon II in g minor

Composer Info

JOHN DOWLAND (?1563-1626), JOHANN JACOB FROBERGER (1616-1667),

CD Info

Linn CD CKD-194, Bergen Barokk CD BBR 901

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