Preview of Istanbul Part 2–Il Complesso Barocco

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Program: #05-11   Air Date: Mar 07, 2005

The music on this program highlights one of the ensembles appearing at the Istanbul international Music Festival 2005, Il Complesso Barocco, founded in 1992 by director Alan Curtis.

This program is made possible in part by a grant from the American-Turkish council, the American Friends of Turkey, Raymond James International Holding (independent investment and financial planning advice and investment banking services in the United States and Turkey since 1962), and the Turkish Cultural Foundation, dedicated to promoting Turkish culture and heritage.

From Monteverdi: Amor, dicea [Virgin Veritas CD 7243 5 45302 2 7}.
- O come vaghi ("O, how charming"--text Anselmi).
- Lamento della ninfa (Nymph's Lament--text Rinuccini).
- Or che 'l ciel e la terra ("Now that the heavens, earth, and winds are still"--text Petrarch).

From Rossi: Straziami pur Amor [Virgin Veritas CD 7243 5 45220 2 4}.
- Occhi un tempo mia vita ("Eyes that were once my very life"--text Guarini).
- Credetel voi ("Believe me, you that do not love"--text Guarini).
- Hor che la notte ("Now that night has hidden every color"--text Mutio).
- Che pensi cor di tigre (What thoughts inspire you, tiger-heart?"--text Conti).
- Come sian dolorose ("Just how unhappy my state of mind"--text Guarini).

From Lotti: La vita caduca [Virgin Veritas CD 7243 5 45221 2 3}.
ANTONIO LOTTI (c. 1667-1740):
- Lamento di tre amanti (Lament of the Three Lovers).
- Funerale della speranza (The Funeral of Hope).
- Inganni dell'umanita (Self-deception of Man).

Composer Info

CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI (1567-1643), MICHELANGELO ROSSI (1602-1656), ANTONIO LOTTI (c. 1667-1740)

CD Info

CD 7243 5 45302 2 7, CD 7243 5 45220 2 4, CD 7243 5 45221 2 3

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