Spotlight on the Netherlands: Les Arts Florissants, Part II

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Program: #11-07   Air Date: Feb 07, 2011

Continuing the program with a suite by Du Mont and more by Charpentier. We continue our long and fruitful association with our partners at Radio Netherlands in presenting a series of concerts from the 2010 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht. We direct listeners to their web site, which will provide more in-depth information about the music and performers we hear as well as more information about the festival: The primary theme for 2010 was a celebration of the French Baroque in collaboration with the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles.


Les Arts Florissants, Paul Agnew, cond.

--HENRI DU MONT (1610-1884): Cantica sacra, 1652: Allemanda; Poussons dans l'aire des Cris de joie ("Push forth into the air those shouts of joy"): from Airs, 1663: Objet dont mon âme est ravie ("That with which my soul is joyous")

--MARC-ANTOINE CHARPENTIER: Léçons de ténèbres: 3rd Léçon de mercredi (Third Tenebrae lesson for Maundy Thursday)

--MARC-ANTOINE CHARPENTIER: Méditations pour le carême:
-Prélude pour 3 violons
-Méditation 1: Desolatione desolata est (Jer. 12: "With desolation all the land is made desolate")
-Méditation 2: Sicut pullus hirundinis (Is. 38: "I will cry like a yound swallow")
-Méditation 3: Tristis est anima mea (Matt.26: "My soul is sorrowful even unto death")
-Méditation 7: Tenebrae factae sunt (Responsory for Good Friday: "Shadows covered the earth")
-Méditation 8: Stabat mater dolorosa

-MARC-ANTOINE CHARPENTIER: Léçons de ténèbres: 3rd Léçon du vendredi (Third Tenebrae lesson for Good Friday)

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