Victoria, Cabezon, Praetorius

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Program: #09-11   Air Date: Mar 09, 2009

Additional works from both the concerts by The Sixteen and the Huelgas Ensemble surround harpsichord virtuoso Diego Ares' tribute to the blind composer and performer Antonio Cabezon (c.1510-1566).

We continue our long and fruitful association with our partners at Radio Netherlands in presenting a series of concerts from the 2008 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht.

We will also direct listeners to their web site, which will provide more in-depth information about the music and performers we hear as well as more information about the festival ( The primary theme for 2008 was the Golden Age in Spain.

Note: The music on this three-part program was performed by the ensemble The Sixteen, Harry Christophers, director (see music list #09-09). For more information about this ensemble:

the Huelgas Ensemble, Paul Van Nevel, director (music list #09-10). For more information about this ensemble:

and harpsichord virtuoso Diego Ares.

Victoria, Cabezon, Praetorius

A musical portrait of Cabézon

Blind composer Antonio Cabezón trained with García Baeza in Palencia, where he was introduced, probably in 1522, to the royal family travelling the area. Six years later he would enter the service of Queen Isabella in Toledo as her organist, a position he would keep under the future King Philip II after her death. Cabezón frequently went along on the prince’s travels, for instance to the Low Countries and England, where Philip married Mary Tudor in 1554. After Charles V’s abdication, some years later, Cabezón returned to Spain with the new ruler, where he would stay until his death a decade later. Diego Ares, harpsichord talent from Spain, put himself firmly o°©n the Festival map last year. Today, he will draw a musical portrait of the composer Cabezón.

Antonio de Cabezón ca.1510-1566

--Dos Dúos para principiantes

--Tiento sobre ‘Malheur me bat’ 1’58

1526, Cabezón becomes organist of empress dowager Isabella and from, 1539, of don Felipe.

--Romance Para quien crié yo cabellos

-- Pavana con su glosa

1548-1551, journey to Brussels from Italy, reunification of Karel V and his son Filips

--Diferencias sobre la Gallarda Milanesa

--Diferencias sobre el canto llano del Cavallero

1554, marriage between Filips and Maria Tudor, Cabezón in England;

1555, second reside of Cabezón in Flanders, accession to the throne of Filips II

--Tiento III de primer tono

--Beata viscera Mariae Virginis

1556, Cabezón returns to Spain

--Fabordones del Primer Tono

Composer Info

Antonio de Cabezón ca.1510-1566

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