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Program: #02-08, Air Date: 02/25/02

Our series celebrating this fine ensemble continues with their latest release from the projected complete William Byrd edition.

1). from Josquin Des Pres and His Contemporaries
(The Binchois Consort/Andrew Kirkman, cond.)
Hyperion CD CDA-67183. [Highly recommended--RAD]

--NICOLAS CHAMPION (attr. to Josquin): De profundis.
--NOEL BAULDEWEYN (attr. to Josquin): Ave caro Christi cara.

2). from Magister Leoninus 2
(Red Byrd Ensemble with YORVOX).
Hyperion CD CDA-67289.

--LEONINUS (fl. 1163--1190): Christus resurgens; Sedit angelus.

3). from Move now with measured sound: Music by Thomas Campion
(Robin Blaze, countertenor/Elizabeth Kenny, lute).
Hyperion CD CDA 67268.

--THOMAS CAMPION (1567-1620):
It fell on a summer's day.
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!.
Now hath Flora robb'd her bowers.
Move now with measured sound.
Tune thy music to thine heart.
Never weather-beaten sail.

Composer Info

William Byrd, Josquin Des Pres, NICOLAS CHAMPION, NOEL BAULDEWEYN , LEONINUS (fl. 1163--1190), THOMAS CAMPION (1567-1620)

CD Info

CDA-67183, CDA-67289, CDA 67268.