The Trinity Carol Roll

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Program: #12-52   Air Date: Dec 17, 2012

This earliest source for English polyphonic carols is given a stellar new interpretation by David Skinner's ensemble Alamire.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recent release from the Alamire Ensemble directed by David Skinner. The recording is on the Obsidian label and is CD 8800969. For more information:

The Trinity Carol Roll (Trinity College, Cambridge, MS O.3.58) is the earliest source for the English polyphony carol. The thirteen works preserved in this manuscript include the patriotic ‘Agincourt’ carol, celebrating Henry V’s victory over the French in 1415, and the most famous of all early English carols ‘Ther is no rose’. The performances on this recording offer a fresh take on medieval instrumentation, and include the gothic harp, psaltery, plectrum lute, recorder and the etherial gemshorn, while the recording itself took place in the Wren Library in Trinity College, Cambridge.


The Trinity Carol Roll (nos. 1-7)
1. Hail Marye ful of grace
2. Nowel, nowel, nowel
3. Alma redemptoris mater
4. Now may we syngyn
5. Be mery, be mery
6. Nowel syng we
7. Deo gracias Anglia
8. Nowel, nowel
9. Lullay, lullay
10. Princeps pacis
11. Nova, nova
12. Tibi laus, tibi gloria
The Trinity Carol Roll (nos. 8-13)
13. Now make we merthe
14. Abyde I hope it be the beste
15. Qwat tydynges bryngyst thu messager
16. Eya martir Stephane
17. Prey for us the prynce of pees
18. Ther is no rose of swych vertu

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The Trinity Carol Roll

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CD 8800969